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$198.00 Avoca Taupe/Cream Mohair
Avoca Taupe/Cream Mohair $198.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$70.00 Avoca Wool Baby Blanket
Avoca Wool Baby Blanket $70.00 ($US) 1 Like
$198.00 Avoca Wool Circus Lambswool
Avoca Wool Circus Lambswool $198.00 ($US) 3 Likes
$198.00 Cream Mohair Blanket
Cream Mohair Blanket
  • 72" L
  • 60" W
$198.00 ($US) 3 Likes

Avoca is an Irish family-run business that spans one of the world's oldest surviving manufacturing companies and Ireland's most exciting stores, foodhalls & cafés. The Avoca Handweavers Mill was established in 1723 and you can find out more about us here.

Our famous woollen throws & blankets are exported around the world, as well as our homewares...... Read More