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Sara's Prints Story
Every time your children snuggle up to you wearing a pair of Sara’s Prints pajamas, our family’s wish to keep kids safe, comfortable and ready to dream just gets bigger.

Sara’s Prints started with a simple thought -- to create whimsical pajamas in bright, happy colors. A special education teacher and her husband, an educator and entrepreneur, got to work in their garage. It was 1985 and kids’ night clothes were too boring, they decided, and so they set out to design pajamas kids would love to wear.

Safe and comfortable
The founders know kids, so they dreamed up fabrics with mermaids and funny monsters to make little ones laugh. But they also know parents, and so they dedicated themselves to finding cotton that would be both gentle and safe.

Sara’s Prints pajamas are all inherently flame resistant and not topically treated with chemicals. The cotton is American made and blended with modacrylic, a soft and durable flame-resistant fabric.

Nearly three decades later, Sara’s Prints is still run by the same family. The thriving business has moved to a much-larger showroom while the founders’ sons carry out the vision and their grandchildren field-test new designs.

You’ll find that each pair of our pajamas lasts and lasts, just like the Sara’s Prints commitment to kids and parents. Families tell us often that they’ve passed down pair after pair from sibling to sibling. Our adorable new designs for this season will look new and feel super-soft, long after begging kids get to wear them to school and to bed.

Dreamy styles
Colorful, fun prints and styles will thrill your children and put your mind at ease. Cheaper pajamas get pilly and scratchy and shrink quickly. Sara’s Prints smile-inspiring, high-quality pajamas are made to fit kids beautifully -- no low-rise, nothing low-cut.

We keep it classic, and still, we listen. We’ve incorporated many great parent ideas into our designs for this season and we hope you will tell us how you’d like us to help make your kids cozy every evening.

Sara’s Prints started with one wish and two dedicated parents, and has multiplied into many, many happy family moments, from our family to yours.