About Marshes, Fields & Hills

For years, I have juggled roles as a wife, mom, intensive-care nurse, fitness enthusiast and part-time artist. 2012 was the year that my kids would be in school for a full day, finally providing the free time I thought I longed for.

As a kid, I spent my summers at Humarock Beach on the coast of the South Shore in Massachusetts and we moved there as a family in 2009. It was an adjustment from the more typical urban/suburban lifestyle my husband and I had lived for years, but the beauty and serenity of the coast and its surrounding communities captivated our family as it had me as a young girl.

Always a craft enthusiast, my creative pursuits have since carried a flair of that coastal living and during the summer of 2012, I designed a pillow sham with a canvas fabric and personalized it by painting the name of our family's favorite beach: Humarock.

Soon, the neighbors wanted one. Then, the local General Store asked to sell them. Within months, our pillows were being sold in retail stores and boutiques throughout New England...and today, throughout the country. I love working with our retail partners to brainstorm customized messages and themes that will sell well in their store. I share their enthusiasm when one really resonates with their customers.

I am proud to share a concept that celebrates local communities with products that are hand-sewn and hand-painted in the US. MFH was the accident that marries my passion for crafts with a love of the natural beauty of my local community. Enjoy!

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